About us

Higher Standard. More Value

The company is founded by highly experienced & competent, dynamic leaders who well understood the construction market, and possessed high-ranking relationship with key players of the field.

  • Our Vision:
    Bring more benefits to customer groups by promoting innovative and high-end building materials and solutions.
  • Our Core Values:
    Integrity – Act with respect & inspire trust.
    Innovation – Be adventurous, creative and open-minded. | Embrace and drive change.
    Passion for Winning – Pursue learning and growth. | Strive relentlessly and constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our products and services to become the very best.
    Solution based Approach – Continuously searching  for better solutions.

Our Partners

We have gained a solid reliability, and obtained geographic exclusivity for brand distribution along with the strongly-supported cooperation from the leading suppliers, manufacturers in their respective field from around the world such as Nullifire, International Paint, Winduct, Hitchins, Vexcolt, PPG, Dryvit, Monokote, Firetherm, Tecnopol, Tremco….